Olga, PGSD UMM Student: Achieving Sinta 2 Journal Achievements Without Final Project

Tuesday, September 05, 2023 02:05 WIB   Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (PGSD)

PGSD students who graduated without a final project

One of the proud achievements came from students of the Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) Study Program at UMM who successfully passed the National Journal selection with the Sinta 2 title. The news of this achievement was conveyed by Dyah Worowirastri Ekowati, M.Pd., as a PGSD UMM lecturer who is also a member of the journal research team. They are very grateful because one of the PGSD UMM students managed to publish a research journal that was recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture Ristek and received high accreditation at the Sinta 2 level. Dyah explained that this achievement was extraordinary, especially because the student managed to graduate without having to complete a thesis, and was even able to publish a journal at the Sinta 2 level which has high accreditation.

The student who achieved this achievement is Olga Putriana Wati, who has an interest in mathematics. This interest is reflected in Olga's respect, which even during the semester vacation, she became an auxiliary teacher at one of the leading Special Schools (SLB) in Malang City. PGSD UMM lecturers supported her to publish a research journal entitled "Bead Maze Media Semiotics Objects: A Study Of Mathematics Teaching For Autism Students In Elementary School," which can be accessed through the link https://ejournal.undiksha.ac.id/index.php/JISD/issue/view/2486.

The process of preparing the Sinta 2 journal was not short, and Dyah explained that Olga had started preparing the journal since the fourth semester. For a whole year, Olga and the team of lecturers worked hard together to pass the selection stage of the Sinta journal accreditation. The journal, in general, examines the use of mathematics learning media for autistic learners, including the challenges that arise both internally and externally. One example of an internal challenge is the maturity of teachers in understanding the use of mathematics learning media.

Learning Media used by Olga

Dyah also emphasized that this achievement was the first in the history of PGSD since the establishment of this program. Dyah also expressed her personal gratitude to Olga for choosing to research in the field of mathematics as her final project, especially because she became the first graduate to successfully graduate without having to complete a thesis. The sacrifices made, both in terms of material and non-material, are greatly appreciated. Finally, Dyah gave a message to all students "We always remind them that there are many ways to get a bachelor's degree, and PGSD UMM provides other alternatives to graduate, such as publishing national / international journals or creating scientific works." (Rin)

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